Tis the season for winter walks and long conversations fireside. We invite you to come in from the cold and indulge in a restoring cup of tea. These fWedding Things exquisite blends have been specially selected for the season of family and friends.

4 flavors (5 of each):

Belgian Mint – Two favorite flavors, chocolate and mint, delight in a light, refreshing, yet fully gratifying cup. Cacao beans and peppermint are perfectly balanced to create an herbal infusion with a rich aroma and a sweet and satisfying finish. Naturally caffeine free.

Vienna Cinnamon – Elegant, intoxicating and soul-stirring, like the city itself. The sweetest cinnamon is blended with black tea to create an infusion that will transport you to a lingering afternoon in a Viennese cafe. Its unique, spicy-yet-sweet balance is thoroughly satisfying. Contains caffeine.

Bombay Chai – This enticing blend of fine India black teas and rare spices flaunts a deliciously aromatic and flavorful cup. Spicy yet well balanced. Travels through the exotic paths of India could not yield a more satisfying tea experience. Contains caffeine.

Black Currant – is a full-bodied black tea infused with black currant, and blended with blackberry leaves. The fruity blackberry aroma is irresistible. Delicious with milk and a touch of sugar. Contains caffeine.

Min. order is one box = 20 silken triangle tea infusers.

This item is a considered a food product and is non-refundable.
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